Overcoming New Challenges

An brief exchange with our Facilities Manager Mr. Ang Chuan Cheng on how he tackles the challenges in his work!

1. What does your work require you to do and how well have u been coping?

I maintain the facilities of our centres. I have been working for over 1 year. At the beginning, I start learning to handle the small projects. Currently, my job scope has expanded and I was given additional responsibilities. Hence, I have grown with time on this learning journey which help me to get start faster. I can now handle any assignment independently as well as to assemble a team and carry out projects successfully.

2. What are the challenges faced and how u overcame them?

Handling difficult contractor is often, in itself, a challenge. However, this challenge needs to be overcame. I think the main thing is to keep all lines of communication open and I’m always mindful of how I communicate with the contractors in order to get the best support from them.

3. Which project gave u the biggest sense of achievement when accomplished?

SASCO@Khatib Senior Activity Centre.

4. How do u de-stress from work?

I don’t bring work back to my home. I let myself recover fully by listening to music. Only by doing this, I will have enough energy to work and face new challenges the next day.