Never Too Old to Learn

Mdm Soo Yin Kum is a bubbly lady despite being 74 years of age. She was once a cleaner at an office and it is no wonder that she is still quite fit till today.

Not taking her health for granted, Mdm Soo takes every opportunity she has to keep fit; participating in most of the activities provide at SASCO @Hong San such as the outdoor morning walks and wii competitions. Being a sociable and outgoing elderly, Mdm Soo often joins her friends for prayers and meals at the temple.

Mdm Soo has a distinctive skills set that sets her apart from other elderly of her age – Photo-taking. Being an avid photographer, Mdm Soo has cultivated an interest in collecting all the fond memories of her experiences in her mobile phone while travelling. We often encouraged her to take pictures of the events at SASCO as it is an opportunity for employability under sascoSKILLS. We see the potential in Mdm Soo as no one is too old to learn.