Satisfaction Comes From Within

Mr Chee Chiew Lye is a resident at SASCO@HONG SAN. Mr Chee has been admitted to the SASCO @HONG SAN since 16th August 2017. He has been enjoying his time here and due to his docile temperament, he can get along very well with his friends.

He was a house renovation painter when he was younger and it is no wonder he has a good physique at his current age of 64. Being an agile and alert elderly, Mr Chee prefers to keep himself occupied with activities such as playing mahjong, chess, doing craft and excursions to places of interest and is always the first to volunteer himself in activities that are organised by the centre or corporates. Mr Chee can paint very well, probably due to his skillsets he has acquired when he was younger. He gets his inspiration from the experiences and encounters he gets from his walks and likes to draw animals and sceneries. Being able to to bring his drawings to life makes Mr Chee feel very satisfied, giving him the sense of accomplishment from completing a challenging project.