From Hawker to Baker

Mr. Tan Choon Chwee, 74, stays in a 3-room HDB flat with his wife aged 70. His wife works at a hawker centre as a helper. He was sent to SASCO@WEST COAST centre on 1 April 2016 as there was no caregiver at home to look after him during the daytime.

Mr. Tan’s ability to handle Activities of Daily Living (ADL) is at an average level, but he needs a quadstick to balance himself.

He is quiet and usually takes naps at the centre, rarely participating in exercise and activities. As time went by, staff at the centre noticed Mr. Tan’s special interest in cooking. Mr. Tan used to be a ‘zi char’ hawker for 10 years during his younger days. As soon as the baking studio at SASCO@KHATIB was set up, the staff recommended Mr. Tan to participate in muffin making with the other seniors. Always seen to be passively doing his own things, Mr. Tan has proven to us that cooking and baking is a hobby which he is motivated to participate in and enjoys doing.

As much as Mr Tan is lazy to exercise, and has weak lower limbs which cannot let him walk very far, he is encouraged to pick up skillsets which he is interested in to cultivate his sense of self-worth.