The Feeling of Self-Worth

We managed to catch Richard, our Senior Volunteer at our SAC in Khatib, and find out what motivates him to volunteer his time and skills at our Give n Take Cafe.

1. How do you find SASCO @KHATIB Senior Activity Centre (SAC) and what are the things that interest you here.

‘When l first passed by the SAC, l was inspired by the slogans eg. We affirm seniors’ self-worth etc and later a banner ad was posted looking for senior volunteers and my spouse and I applied for the positions. Doing my part to offer my services and care for seniors like myself gives me the feeling of self-worth.’

2. What was the previous jobs u had done and why choose to volunteer with SASCO.

‘I was an Engineer cum Supervisor at ST Electronics until my retirement. Having the interest in senior volunteering work motivates me to sign up for this job. After my 4 months at SASCO @KHATIB, I knew I have made a good choice. I have learnt employable skills in Food and Beverage (F&B), brewing coffee, serving customers and other cafe operations.’

3. What events or people in SASCO@KHATIB leave an impression in you.

‘The appreciation I have received from serving drink and bread to the participants after their activities gives me a sense of fulfillment. Seeing how things go smoothly despite some hectic moments and minor flaws make me understand the importance of co-operation and harmony among the senior volunteer team. Three Cheers for us!’