Meet Elizabeth, a passionate volunteer at SASCO

For Ms Elizabeth Lim Lee, 39, volunteering at SASCO was the result of a serendipitous turn of events. It was due to her decision to stop by a SASCO pop-up booth some 13 years ago while on her way to Clarke Quay. Ms Lim, affectionately as Beth among the SASCO volunteers and beneficiaries, was exploring to see how she could become a regular donor to SASCO as part of her desire to give back to society. “My rationale then was that if I could spend $40 on a good meal, that money could also be put to better use by offsetting living expenses of needy old folks,” recounts Beth, an assistant banker at Citibank. That decision to become a donor became a commitment that has spanned more than a decade. In that time, Beth, who had no prior volunteering experience, has deepened her involvement with SASCO.


As a volunteer, Beth would often find out from the staff at SASCO what items the Home would need, after which she would help to source for them. Additionally, Beth would readily give of her time to bring the elderly beneficiaries out on day trips and excursions. In fact, she would rally her colleagues to also volunteer on such trips so as to spread awareness of the Home and its mission. Since December last year, Beth’s merry band of volunteers has regularly brought the old folks out for monthly dinner outings!


Acknowledging that many residents of fast-paced Singapore are caught up in their own busy lives, Beth made the deliberate lifestyle choice to take the time to care for the needy. The decision came naturally to Beth, who felt it was only right to give back to the elderly, who have given much of themselves to contribute to the growth of Singapore. It also helped that Beth’s fiancé was very supportive and would often encourage her to go the extra mile.


Her 13 years of volunteering has given Beth many unforgettable experiences. One was a Christmas gathering that Beth had organised in partnership with SASCO Home’s Community Engagement team. One of the old folks went up to Beth and related how he was delighted to be a part of the gathering as it took place in the area where he used to live. The elderly man was very happy to revisit his old neighbourhood and witness how much it has changed. “I’ve always felt it was worthwhile to organise such outings for our beneficiaries as they allow our old folks to regain that sense of belonging, and to remind and assure them that they are not overlooked or forgotten,” explains Beth.