Be a Donor

Donate and Make a Difference

SASCO Home relies heavily on the generosity of the public to be able to continue to render our services to seniors in our Sheltered Home, Day Care Centres, and Active Ageing Centres (AAC).

Your donations can benefit the seniors in many different ways. Here are some examples of how a donated sum may benefit the seniors*:


Engage round trip transportation for seniors to attend their medical appointments.


Pay for a senior’s medical consultation and/or prescribed medicine.


Provide a month’s adult diaper supply for a senior.


Pay for a month’s worth of insulin supply for a senior.


Cover the costs of one meal for all the seniors in our Sheltered Home.

*Amounts and examples listed shall not constitute restricted use (“restricted funds”) unless otherwise specified by donor at time of donation.

Ways to Donate:

Please email or call 6323 2012 to contact our donor management partner.

Online Donations
Via our profile – SASCO Senior Citizens’ Home

As the needs of our seniors do change from time to time, please email us at or call us at 6273 5183 to find out what is currently needed.

Cheque Donations

Please make cheques payable to SASCO Senior Citizens’ Home and mail it to our Head Office at
991 Alexandra Rd #01-04
Singapore 119964

Existing Donors

Please email or call 6323 2012 to contact our donor management partner.

Corporate Donors

Please email or call 6273 5183 to contact our donor management team.

Donate to SASCO Home

Through our parent company, SASCO Limited, we have engaged partner fundraisers to raise funds and appeals for donations/contributions. 

All donations and contributions will go directly into SASCO Home’s bank account. 30% of the total gross collections is used to pay for the costs incurred in conducting the appeals, including the service fees to our partner fundraisers. This is within the guidelines under the Charities (Registration of Charities) Regulations, issued by the Commissioner of Charities.

Our tele-fundraising agents from these companies may contact you regarding details of your donations (e.g. update of particulars, soliciting donations for our programmes and services). You may receive calls from the numbers 6664 8190 and 6664 8155

For more information on our tele-fundraising agents please click on the button below:


The Direct Donor Debit Programme (DDDP) encourages monthly giving to ensure a sustainable support for our seniors for the various programmes and services run by SASCO Home. SG Support, a fundraising and donor management agency and  manages the DDDP. The contact numbers for calls made by SG Support donor service agents are 6323 2012 and 6329 1759.

There are 3 parties involved, and they are: SASCO Senior Citizens’ Home, LADDERPRO PTE LTD and SG Global Support Services. We have engaged LADDERPRO PTE LTD, a reputable international marketing company. LADDERPRO PTE LTD sends small teams of trained fundraisers known as “SASCO Appointed Representatives” to promote the SASCO Direct Donor Programme (DDDP) at residential and pre-approved venues in Singapore. SG Global Support Services helps us to manage this programme’s administrative work. 

We are currently conducting an Island wide Direct Donor Debit Programme.


The Corporate Donors Programme (CDP), corporations can adopt SASCO Home and make either a one-time donation or regular contributions towards the sustenance of SASCO Home’s programmes and services for the benefit of our seniors. 

Please email us at or call us at 6273 5183. 

SASCO Home’s DDDP and CDP adheres to the guidelines under the Charities (Registration of Charities) Regulations, issued by the Commissioner of Charities. If you require further assistance to verify the calls made by the donor service advisors, please feel free to contact us at or 6273 5183. We thank you for your kind and generous support in making a difference to the lives of our seniors!

I agree that I have read and understood SASCO Senior Citizens’ Home’s Privacy Policy and consent to the collection, use and/or disclosure of my particulars, which I have provided through the related channels or links, for the purposes in line with making donations/contributions to SASCO Home and also as set out in the said Privacy Policy. I may withdraw my consent at any time with future effect in line with the said Policy as well.