Satisfaction Comes From Within

Mr Chee Chiew Lye is a resident at SASCO@HONG SAN. Mr Chee has been admitted to the SASCO @HONG SAN since 16th August 2017. He has been enjoying his time here and due to his docile temperament, he can get along very well with his friends. He was a house renovation painter when he was […]

Never Too Old to Learn

Mdm Soo Yin Kum is a bubbly lady despite being 74 years of age. She was once a cleaner at an office and it is no wonder that she is still quite fit till today. Not taking her health for granted, Mdm Soo takes every opportunity she has to keep fit; participating in most of […]

The Stealthy Leg That Kicks

Mr Azman, 53 years of age is a well-liked character in SASCO @Jurong West due to his cheeky persona. Whenever he is asked to participate in activities, he will show an exaggerated expression to hint that he is tired. Mr Azman had suffered from a stroke resulting in the limitation of movement in his right […]

Overcoming New Challenges

An brief exchange with our Facilities Manager Mr. Ang Chuan Cheng on how he tackles the challenges in his work! 1. What does your work require you to do and how well have u been coping? I maintain the facilities of our centres. I have been working for over 1 year. At the beginning, I […]

Colleagues are My Family Here

The most challenging behavoiral issue of a client which I have experienced is one who makes a lot of noise and agitate other clients. Despite talking nicely to the client, he continues to make noise and throw things. We have to separate the ones who are constantly quarrelling with each other and let them calm […]

The Heart for Volunteerism

Mdm Tan Geok Lian, Joan was a client who received help on physiotherapy sessions but now, she is a volunteer with SASCO@JurongWest for 3 years. Joan has inspired many others with her story. 7 years ago Joan had experienced excruciating pain in her joints that she can’t stretch her arms nor do basic chores such […]