Our Philosophy of Care

There are four tenets in our care philosophy. They are:

Improving the Quality of Life

We operate on the premise that all clients are able to achieve a better quality of life arising from our care, from the time they enrol into our programmes and services.

We therefore work towards improving and relieving for clients their

  • physical functional abilities
  • medical condition
  • mental health
  • psychosocial status
  • financial burden

bearing in mind that quality of life is affected by a combination of the above factors.

Person-centred Care

Each client is a unique individual with a particular set of history, achievements, abilities, limitations and needs, as well as expectations, aspirations and potential.

We strive to

  • recognise all the uniqueness of each client;
  • understand the specific needs of that individual; and
  • provide care that is customised for that person

in order to bring about improvements mentioned in Tenet 1 above, in consultation and collaboration with the client and/or family members where possible.

We know that it is important to allow the client and/or family members to participate in the care-planning and decision-making processes so that the client’s preferences and choices are respected.

Holistic Approach

The well-being of clients is influenced by not only their condition, but also the state of their family unit. In Tenets 1 and 2, we focus on the client’s whole person. In Tenet 3, we aim to be more holistic and attempt to address issues faced by the client’s family unit, so that the stability of the family environment can contribute to an improved quality of life. This case management work is done in collaboration with other social service agencies and government agencies to provide more coordinated and comprehensive support for the entire family. This approach is also in line with the Ministry of Social and Family Development’s S3D (Strengthening Social Service Delivery) strategy, which calls for a holistic approach, integrating services, being proactive, going upstream to address root problems, and wrapping services around the care recipient.

Mission-driven & Guided by Core Values

We align our entire organisation along our vision and mission, so that the actions of our staff are purposefully channeled towards achieving our overarching objective. As a social service agency, we are aware that our raison d’etre is to serve the elderly who come from less privileged households, and that we have an obligation to serve them with the best possible care through prudent use of the resources we garner.