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SASCO Senior Citizens’ Home currently operates seven centres divided into three functions.

Sheltered Home & Crisis Placement


Our residential facility, also referred to by its building name, Evergreen Place, is a cosy and peaceful home for people aged 60 years and above. It provides a safe environment for seniors who are either destitute or facing challenging financial and family situations, so that they can maintain their dignity and individual freedom. The four-storey building has a capacity of 102 beds, four of which are reserved for crisis cases.

SASCO@HongSan also provides a range of therapies (physio, art, music, dance, counselling and workshops) and activities (festive celebrations onsite, excursions) to promote the health and well-being of its residents, who are usually frail and elderly.

Situated in a Dementia Friendly Community in the western part of Singapore, SASCO@HongSan is part of the Friends of Dementia network, and serves as a go-to point for wandering persons with dementia, ensuring their safe return to their loved ones by coordinating with various authorities.

Active Ageing Centre (Care)

 SASCO@WestCoast AAC (Care)
NEW* As of 1st April 2023 SASCO@WestCoast is AAC (Care), this centre is a Senior Care Centre and Active Ageing Centre combined, Active Ageing Centre (Care), or AAC (Care), provides AAC services and additional care services, such as day care and community rehabilitation, in separate facilities nearby. https://www.aic.sg/care-services/active-ageing-centre.

Senior Care Centres

SASCO@HongKahNorth |  SASCO@JurongWest |  SASCO@TelokBlangah
SASCO@JurongWest: Blk 715, #01-47, Jurong West St 71, Singapore 640715

Catering to between 50 and 105 clients each, these four centres support the frail elderly in the community. They offer programmes such as Rehabilitation, Maintenance Day Care, Dementia Day Care, Friends of Dementia, Respite Day Care, Centre-Based Nursing, and Integrated Home & Day Care (IHDC). By doing this, these centres can also offer temporary respite to the caregivers of these frail elderly.

Active Ageing Centres

SASCO@Khatib | SASCO@Compassvale

These centres are intentionally located near vibrant spaces where people in the surrounding community tend to gather or pass by. These shared spaces are used to conduct for seniors in the community an array of activities, from exercises to dance to even baking and art classes. All our activities are centred around four pillars:

life-long learning


multi-generational bonding

promoting senior

We also offer home care services through our sascoHOMECARE programme.

SASCO Home’s services cover the following areas of eldercare under the purview of two government ministries, which are AIC and MSF:

Weekend Respite
Friends of Dementia
Carer Support@Centres
Maintenance Daycare
Community Dementia Care
Home Help Service
Integrated Home and Day Care (IHDC)

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