At SASCO, we believe in community power and the impact of compassionate individuals like you. Your donations help improve the lives of vulnerable individuals and families, bringing us closer to a better future for those in need.

Why Donate to SASCO?

Since 1971, SASCO has been dedicated to enhancing the well-being of the elderly and supporting the less fortunate in our community. Your contributions help us provide:

  • Elderly Care Services: Daycare, residential care, and community support

  • Youth and Family Services: Educational programs and crisis intervention

  • Community Engagement: Through outreach programmes and initiative

How Your Donation Helps

Your donations can support various initiatives including:

  • Program Funding: Ensuring the continuation and improvement of our services
  • Facility Maintenance: Keeping our care centres and community spaces in top condition
  • Special Projects: Funding specific projects that address immediate needs in our community

Here are some examples of how a donated sum may benefit the seniors*:

*Amounts and examples listed shall not constitute restricted use (“restricted funds”) unless otherwise specified by donor at time of donation.

Ways to Give

Online Donation

Make a one-time or recurring contribution 
to support our immediate needs or become
a monthly donor and provide ongoing support.

Alternatively, you may also make your online donation via our profile.

Cheque Donations

Please make cheques payable to 
SASCO Senior Citizens’ Home 
and mail them to our Head Office at
991 Alexandra Rd, #01-04,
Singapore 119964

Existing Donors

Please email or call 6323 2012 to contact our donor management partner.


The needs of our seniors change over time. Please email us at or call us at 6273 5183 to find out what is currently needed.

Donate to SASCO Home

Through our parent company, SASCO Limited, we have partnered with fundraisers to solicit donations and contributions. All donations will be directly deposited into SASCO Home’s bank account.

Tele-fundraising is a method we use to inform you about our latest campaigns and how you can support our seniors through donations.

Our tele-fundraising agents may contact you regarding details of your donations, such as updating particulars or soliciting donations for our programmes and services. Calls may come from the numbers 6664 8190 and 6664 8155.

Each tele-fundraiser representing SASCO Senior Citizens’ Home will have an ID number. You can verify their identity by asking for their ID number and full name, then checking it against the list below.

  • Soniya Ratyy Ravindran
  • Loh Jenny
  • Ritah A/P Chandragesan
  • Putri Noor Alia Syafinaz Binti Mohd Yusof
  • Subhasini A/P Jeyabalan
  • Wan Arisya Fatihah Binti Wan Zaib
  • Jacqueline Camilla George Arsene
  • Nor Fatin Farhana Che Rani
  • Norhidayah Khastam
  • Jordan Liow Chun Tang

If you have any doubts, please contact us at 6273 7183 ext 723 to verify the tele-fundraiser or email us at

Direct Donor Debit Programme (DDDP)

The Direct Donor Debit Programme (DDDP) encourages monthly giving to ensure sustainable support for our seniors and the various programmes and services run by SASCO Home. Managed by SG Support, a fundraising and donor management agency, the contact numbers for calls made by SG Support donor service agents are 6323 2012 and 6329 1759.

We are currently conducting an island-wide DDDP and the three parties involved are:

  1. SASCO Senior Citizens’ Home
  2. LADDERPRO PTE LTD: A reputable international marketing company that sends small teams of trained fundraisers known as “SASCO Appointed Representatives” to promote the DDDP at residential and pre-approved venues in Singapore.
  3. SG Global Support Services: Manages the administrative work of the programme.



Corporate Donors Programme (CDP)
Through the Corporate Donors Programme (CDP), corporations can adopt SASCO Home and make either a one-time donation or regular contributions to support our programmes and services for seniors.

For more information or to participate, please email us at or call us at 6273 5183.

Note: 30% of the total gross collections are allocated to cover the costs incurred during the fundraising campaigns, including service fees for our partner fundraisers. This practice adheres to the guidelines set by the Commissioner of Charities under the Charities (Registration of Charities) Regulations.

Our Commitment to Transparency

Your Trust Matters

We ensure that every dollar you donate is used efficiently and effectively. Our annual reports and financial statements are available for you to review, reflecting our commitment to transparency and accountability.

View Our Financial Reports

For more information on safer giving, please visit Safer Giving.

Thank You for Your Support

Together, We Can Create Change
Thank you for considering a donation to SASCO. Your support is invaluable, and we are deeply grateful for your kindness and generosity. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of those who need it most.

Contact Us

Have Questions?
If you have any questions about donating or want to learn more about our work, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Phone: 6273 5183
Address: 991 Alexandra Road, #01-04 Singapore 119964